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* Bush's Lies and Simple Truths by Robert Jensen
* The Other "Good War:" Afghanistan One Year Later By Rahul Mahajan
* D.C. Protest Letter by Authur Keene
* Letter by Glenda Breeden
* War With Iraq is Not the Answer by Father John Dear
* The Art of Traditional Peacemaking
* Peacemaking as a Way of Life
* Navajo Peacemaking
* War Threats and Make-Believe by Joan Chittister
* Phil Berrigan, A Great Peace Activist has Passed
* Choosing Peace: The Nobel Prize Speech
By Jimmy Carter
* Return to the Values of Democracy with Liberty and Justice for All by Rev. Bill Breeden
* Bret Eartheart in Hebron - summary of conversation with Dr. Cindy Hoffman
* List of US Firms That Armed Iraq
* Toxic Toy Story
* Abortion Rights Group Plans a New Focus by Jennifer Lee
* GM Crops Run Wild
* Monsanto: "We will contaminate the world's food"
* Columbia: Poison Rain
* 10,00,000 March to Stop War by Gary Jones
* Unthinkable Risk: How Children are Exposed and Harmed When Pesticides are Used at School
* Bush's Master Plan for the Internet


E'tokmit e'k, rangimarie, hedd, pace, tutquin, shanti, vrede, paquilisli, MNP, Onai rahu, amani, kev sib haum xeeb, shaantiM, hedd, gutpela taim, lalyi, pesca, damai, raha, fred, eirni, pax, mir, peace, heiwa, amn, nabad, rauha, paz, frid, paco, shAnti, paqe, danh tu, ittimokla, rahu, paix, beke, shalom, mnonestotse, kapayapaan
The words above are from an open book titled Peace Words. It contains but a small number of translations of the word peace. We humans have less than 2000 writing systems within the over 7,000 known languages and dialects spoken in over 189 countries.
Teach Tolerance
May we sow seeds of peace, justice and freedom. May we be seeds of peace, may we be seeds of justice, may we be seeds of freedom. G.D.
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Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one.
--John Lennon