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Poets for Peace
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Act Now To Stop War and End Racism
Peace actions around the globe
Not in Our Name
NO War Without Limits
NO Detentions & Round-ups
NO Police State Restrictions
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"You can look at war as a massing of arms and matérial and troops, but you can also see it as something else--as a delicate web of interwoven choices made by human beings, made out of a certain consciousness. The decision to order an attack, the choice to obey or disobey an order, to fire or not to fire a weapon. Armies and, indeed, any culture that supports them must convince the people that all the decisions are made already, and they have no choice. But that is never true." The Fifth Sacred Thing" by Starhawk

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May we sow seeds of peace, justice and freedom. May we be seeds of peace, may we be seeds of justice, may we be seeds of freedom. G.D.


A Force More Powerful: A Century of Nonviolent Conflict
We Were Warriors. Defying the Crown. Freedom in our Lifetime. Living with the Enemy, We've Caught God by the Arm. Defeat of a Dictator. More Stories...

Celebrating 25 Years (1979-2004)
Peace and Justice Org
Founded in 1979, the Center works on economic & racial justice, and peace & human rights issues in Vermont.
Alternatives is a non-profit organization that equips people of faith to challenge consumerism, live justly and celebrate responsibly. Started in 1973 as a protest against the commercialization of Christmas, our focus is on encouraging celebrations that reflect conscientious ways of living.
How to Build Good Human Relationships
Some helpful do's and don'ts when it comes to human relationships.
Added September 9, 2004
From the M.K. Gandhi Institute

Some Do's …
· Do what is right, not what is easiest
· Do learn about other cultures, history and habits before judging;
· Do ensure both sides have equal say;
· Do respect differences of opinions;
· Do listen when others try to explain
· Do understand that you can be wrong, too;
· Do try to understand and be appreciative;
· Do take responsibility for your action or inaction;
· Do ask questions, but politely;
· Do remember others have feelings too;
Some Don'ts …
· Don't act in anger, take time out;
· Don't interrupt when others try to explain
· Don't patronize, show respect;
· Don't look down on others, be level;
· Don't be judgmental, be fair;
· Don't ridicule differing beliefs and attitudes
· Don't dominate, try to accommodate;
· Don't ignore diversity, try to understand it;
· Don't be insulting, be appreciative;
· Don't divide people, integrate them.
Read the International Day of Peace Picture Book
Music and Peace Projects - UNESCO

what:The Annual Juneteenth Celebration
For more informationY
What: Latino Summer Festival
What: Lotus World Music Festival
For more information:
What: Soul Food Picnic
call Sojourner Manns at 336-2916, or e-mail:
What: Festival Latino
Diversity Day- 2006fair/kids'activities/food. Sunday Oct. 15, 2-7pm, The Dynamics, Kwyjibo, Valeria DeCastro, Patricia Coleman, Joe Galvin, Bloomington Beacon, Unitarian Universalist Church, Cubamistad, and more! Third Street Park, 3rd and Washington, Bloomington
What: International Mongolian Festival
What: Bloomington Multicultural Festival

Idea Fest-

The Youth Ambassadors for Peace Project:
· The "War Is Not a Game" Campaign
· The "Schools for Peace" Initiative
· The "Children Paint Their Dreams" Initiative
· The "Academies for Peace" Project
· The "Shoes for Souls" Campaign
· The "Youth Solidarity March" Initiative
· The "Take a Stand Against War" Campaign
Tutor Training Workshops
Offering reading support to the Bloomington, IN and surrounding area. One-to-one tutoring with trained tutors to help individual learners set goals, gain essential skills, and increase their confidence.
New Reader Support Group - An opportunity for new readers to gather and exchange their thoughts and ideas in a supportive and confidential group
Additional Tutor Training - In-services are offered in the area of computing, GED tutoring, Laubach Method, and English as a second language. More on this oganization next month.
Celebrate National Library Week April 10-16 at special programs offered at libraries throughout Indiana. Check with your local library for specific activities.
Lothlorian Seasonal Calendar

"A Celebration of Peace and Protest Through Poetry, Storytelling and Song " - A Commemorative for
September 11th, can now be sen on CATS, Bloomington, IN

In commemoration of September 11th, poetry was read by, Joyce Adams,
Salih Altoma, Patricia C. Coleman, David Keppel, Tonia Matthew, Thomas
Tokarsky, and Bronislava Volkova. Spirit Flute and Dance were presented by Bil Whitefeather and Lisa Marie Napoli. Story by Brandie Hartman and Music by The Randy's, Glenda and Bill Breeden, Guy and Connie Loftman

The film is available through CATS, Bloomington
For information on Poets for Pece or other related events contact

Earth Day 2006 is April 22nd

These resources are available to assist you in planning activities for children and adults. Information from these sites will also provide a look at our world and what we might do to help take better care of it. Got rsuggestions? Send them in.
Earth Day is everyday!
Bloomington and other Indiana Events

Earth Day Indiana

Indiana Student Public Interest Group

Bloomington Parks and Recreation and Monroe County Parks and Recreation invite you to celebrate the Earth!

Earth Day at White Violet Center for Eco-Justice

Indiana Bicycle Month will begin with Earth Day Indiana on Saturday, April 24, 2004. The Indiana Bicycle Coalition will have a booth at the Earth Day Festivities downtown. There will be a Pedal and Park station at Earth Day so people can ride their bikes and have a safe, free place to park them from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. More information can be found at The official website for Earth Day Indiana is


Air There Every where - American chemist Celebrate Earth Day -

KIDCAST FOR PEACE, a global networking videoconference to connect kids in schools (and kids of all ages at home) in a live gathering to exhange thoughts, art and images for Peace for display in a Gallery of Solutions. Theme of the KidCast: Solutions For A Better World. Kids are invited to submit art, poems, multimedia, performances, etc., describing how to make our world and its peoples happier, healthier, and more peace filled. Contact: Peter Rosen,; Tel: 808-875-4747.
Send a Greeting to Gaylord Nelson - Have your class write a note to Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson, now 83 years old. This site will compile the greetings in a book and present it to him "as a tribute for a lifetime of environmental achievements".
Start a Writing Campaign to Protect the Arctic Refuge - Increase your older students' awareness of the Arctic environment and then act to protect it. First, go on a virtual tour of the Arctic at the Artic Tour Site. ( Then, have students take immediate action to protect the Arctic wilderness by writing to the White House and Congressional representatives at the Take Action Site. Grades: 7-12
Earth Day Online - Events - A great list of Earth Day events planned throughout the world
Second Nature is a nonprofit organization that helps colleges and universities expand their efforts to make environmentally sustainable and just action a foundation of learning and practice. Education for Sustainability
Sustainable USA - Wealth of information on sustainable ideas and projects
Ecovillage Network of the Americas - Regional council for the Global Ecovillage Network
Education Planet
Earth Day Website Directory, Education Plans, Videos
Celebrate Earth Day Every Day
Activities, Songs, Information, Clip Art
The Wilderness Organization has teacher rsources - -Global Vision
The Earth Day Network has gathered ideas from Earth Day organizers all over the world to support you in developing and implementing a successful event.
Earth Day (The Wilderness Society)
Earth Day/Ecological Projects
Ecovillage Network of the Americas - Regional council for the Global Ecovillage Network

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day
Activities, Songs, Information, Clip Art
Earth Day Network- Resources -
PBS Teacher Sources
Earth Day Resources for Living Green , Action Ideas
Celebrating Earth Day With Students
The International Earth Day Site
EcoKids Online
DLTK's Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Solutions to Violence is a High School course offered by the Center for Teaching Peace.

Students acquire a comprehensive view of the current global situation by learning the links between poverty, religion, economics, governmental policies, technology, environment, and education. In exploring alternatives to violence, students gain knowledge about their life choices, for example selective service registration. They also gain a context for their daily lives, like investigating the origins of the products they consume, whether they were tested on animals, or what the lives of the producers were like, i.e. their wages and treatment. Peace studies education gives students the tools to constructively deal with the problems they encounter on both a personal and global level, as well as it helps them understand their responsibility for elevating the collective human experience.

Introduction to the Curriculum
By Colman McCarthy

Welcome to class. Your class. Your time. Your future. The literature on nonviolence is rich with powerful prose and trenchant thinking. If peace is what every government on earth says it seeks and if peace is the yearning of every heart, then why arent' we studying it and learning it in schools? All of us are called to be peacemakers. Yet in most schools, the history, methods and successes of creating peace through nonviolence have no place in the curriculum.

The course you are about to take is designed to make modest amends for your peace miseducation. This eight-lesson course could really be an eighty lesson course. The literature is there but since we are all rushing about making sense or making progress, so we think, start with what's here.

Studying peace through nonviolence is as much about getting the bombs out of our world as it is about getting them out of our heart. Many people are avid about creating peace across the ocean but meanwhile there's a war going on across the living room. Every problem we have, every conflict, whether among our family or friends, or internationally among governments, will be addressed through violent force or nonviolent force. No third way exists.
In teaching courses on nonviolence to some 5,000 high school, college, and law school students since 1982, I have gone into class the first day knowing I would have a better chance of being understood were I to talk about astro-neo-bio-linear physics and speak Swahili. They would get it sooner than they would nonviolence. Courses on nonviolence should begin in kindergarten and the first grade, and on up, which is how we do it with math, science and language. Why not with peacemaking?

Your opportunity with this course is to get involved with remedial learning. In any subject, there are the four A's: Awareness, Acceptance, Absorption and Action.

This course is meant to place you, at least, in the Awareness stage. If you move on and Accept the truths you have studied, and Absorb them into your heart and soul, then you are ready for Action. Through reflection, possibly prayer, and an openness to risk-taking, it should become clear what kind of action you are meant for.
Students are hungry to learn nonviolence. They understand it is much more than a noble ideal, it is also a basic survival skill. Learning nonviolence means that we dedicate our hearts, minds, time and money to a commitment that the force of love, the force of truth, the force of justice and the force of organized resistance to corrupt power is always more effective, moral and enduring than the force of fists, guns, armies and bombs.

Yet we still resist. Theodore Roszak explains: The usual pattern seems to be that people give nonviolence two weeks to solve their problem and then decide it has failed. Then they go on with violence for the next hundred years and it seems never to fail or be rejected.
As a student, you have a moral right to courses in peace. Let's not only give peace a chance, let's give it a place in the curriculum.
The course is divided into eight lessons, most containing six essays. You are expected to write an essay about each section. Suggested length is 750 to 1,000 words. These can be your reflections on all the essays together, or only one of them, or can be in response to the questions at the end.

Study hard. Think clearly. Listen well to others. Write forcefully. Be of one peace. And remember this thought of Martin Luther King: "The choice is not between violence and nonviolence, but between nonviolence and nonexistence."

What is Peace Education?
Peace Education is inherently an interdisciplinary field, and can best be described as a perspective on education rather than one distinct curriculum subject. A long-term agent for building a new culture of peace, Peace Education is one of the most all encompassing methods of conflict transformation and social change. There are many definitions of this multifaceted approach to education, perhaps best described as "a global term applying to all educational endeavors and activities which take as their focus the promotion of a knowledge of peace and peace-building, and which promote in the learner attitudes of tolerance and empathy, as well as skills in cooperation and conflict resolution so that the learners will have the capacity and motivation (individually and collectively) to live in peace with others." (Cremin, Peadar, "Education for Peace," 1993.)

What are the Goals of Peace Education?
In her book "Comprehensive Peace Education: Educating for Global Responsibility," Betty Reardon states that the overarching purpose of Peace Education is to "promote the development of an authentic planetary consciousness that will enable us to function as global citizens and to transform the present human condition by changing the social structures and the patterns of thought that have created it."
In essence, the goal of peace education can be seen as the development of certain knowledge, skills, and attitudes in learners and teachers. Knowledge and exploration of: Human Rights, Environment, Structural Violence, Justice, Power, Freedom, Participation, and Human Welfare
Skills in: nonviolence, the ability to negotiate, compromise, assess personal feelings and the feelings of others, conflict resolution, listening, and communication. Attitudes or Values relating to: Empathy, Respect for Self, Others, and the Environment, Caring and Awareness, and Tolerance.

A Unique Approach…
One of the most important components of Peace Education is the focus on the process of teaching in addition to the subjects explored. "If one is concerned about developing self respect, appreciation of others, concepts of justice and non violence, they must also be part of the learning process. [This philosophy] puts the teacher in the role of a facilitator rather than an authority creating a person centered learning environment." (Harris, Ian, "Peace Education," 1988.)
The delicate relationship between content and process is a critical element in educating for Peace.

Contact Leah Wells:
Peace Education Coordinator
Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
PMB 121
1187 Coast Village Road, Suite 1
Santa Barbara, CA 93108-2794
Phone: 805.965.3443
Fax: 805.568.0466
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The words above are from an open book titled "Peace Words" located in the I.U. Fine Arts Library.


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Bloomington United: " a coalition of community members whose mission is to promote educational opportunities that affirm the value of all human beings, bridge the differences between people, and respond to hate activity in the community"
Green Dove has many other peace education links for INDIANA and the World Community- CHECK THEM OUT and Please send in your artwork for the ART GALLERY.
The purpose of the World Wall for Peace (WWFP) is to show how creativity can prevent and abolish conflict
The United Nations Cyber School Bus
Peace Education International
Teens for Peace
Teen Peace Initiative,
The Teen Peace Inititive is a group of youth, parents, educators, community leaders, clergy and friends of children everywhere who come together around a passionate desire to take preventative actions in our own area, to support teens who desire and wish for a peaceful community.
Peace and Tolerance in the Global Village


Submit your articles, essays, stories, poetry and pictures to Green Dove. We want to know about acts of peacemaking you have witnessed by individuals, and of activities by your school, social or spiritual groups.
Visit Local Food for a directory of locally owned establishments, resources and recipes!
COMMUNITY FOOD has a LIST OF LOCAL FOOD ORGANIZATIONS. The Community Kitchen served 110,768 meals in 2003.
Index of Local Social Service Organizations VISIT THIS SITE TO SEE HOW YOU CAN HELP OUT

Bloomington Volunteer Network or call 349-3433 to find out how you can help

Peace Is Possible!

Tutor Training Workshops
Offering reading support to the Bloomington, IN and surrounding area. One-to-one tutoring with trained tutors to help individual learners set goals, gain essential skills, and increase their confidence.
New Reader Support Group - An opportunity for new readers to gather and exchange their thoughts and ideas in a supportive and confidential group
Additional Tutor Training - In-services are offered in the area of computing, GED tutoring, Laubach Method, and English as a second language. More on this oganization next month.

What Color is Community?
Task Force seeks to enhance the experiences of African Americans and other persons of color in the Unitarian Universalist Church and local community. Contact Guy Loftmay,

The Children's Task Force (CTF)of the Unitarian Universalist Church promotes the welfare of children in our community by offering information about their needs and supporting community resources that serve children and their families. For more information contact Martha Nord,
Habitat for HumanityGroup
at the Unitarian Universalist Church supports the vision of Habitat for Humanity which "seeks to eliminate poverty housing from the world and to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action." To find out what current projects are being worked on in our community contact: Dorothy Sowell,

May we sow seeds of peace, justice and freedom. May we be seeds of peace, may we be seeds of justice, may we be seeds of freedom. G.D.

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Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one.
--John Lennon
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