Green Dove is a net dedicated to being a presence for peace, offerign connections to individuals, organizations, resources and current events.


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Celebrating the Arts of Peace
Love in your heart is the place to start.

Thank you for your interest in submitting your articles, artwork, photography and poetry to Green Dove.

Call for Submissions - Green Dove is always looking for well-written poetry and articles, and peaceful images and songs. We are putting out a year long call for submissions on the theme of "Creating a Culture of Peace". Please send us your letters, ideas, dreams, artwork, songs, affirmations, recipes stories, articles and poetry and suggestions.

The Green Dove Network first published the Peace Poetry Gallery to the worldwide web in 2001 as part of the Green Dove Image and Word Gallery devoted to being a voice for peace writings around the world and specifically, the state of Indiana.

The Green Dove Network is a peace resource site offering a wide range of peace related information and resources that includes a web and print magazine. We will consider all peace themed submissions received. We are looking for a variety of poetic voices and explorations into different styles. Please help us by stating in the subject line either Poetry, Article or Image submission. We encourage writers of all ages and experience levels to consider submitting their work to Green Dove. We do require all contributors under the age of eighteen to obtain parental permission prior to publication.

The Green Dove Peace Poetry Gallery accepts submissions of peace-oriented poetry in any style. As more writers and artist discover us, we ask for your patience in our response to your submissions. Please do not send us your only copy of your writing or artwork.

Poetry - 3 to 5 works. Submissions must be sent by e-mail and should be sent as plain text in the body of the message. Poems can be a maximum of 50 lines, reviews up to 150 words, articles, up to 500 words. If you have something larger you want us to consider, please send a query for longer works which may be serialized. Include a brief bio with your submission. Letters should be no longer than 250 words.

Payment - Green Dove is a non-profit network. Currently, we do not pay contributors. Our contributors receive the benefit of a direct link or e-mail or URL Address to their site, have a short biography, get listed in the achieves, are eligible for publication in the Green Dove Magazine and other Green Dove publications.

Green Dove seeks out unpublished works requiring first American First North American Serial Rights, a one time, non-exclusive use of Electronic Rights, with all rights reverting to the author upon publication, and we will accept reprints of previously published works. We do consider simultaneous submissions, please let us know that they are simultaneous and of any changes in publication status. Attachments will not be opened. All submissions should include a short bio, an e-mail address and/or a URL for the author or artist at the time of submission.

We welcome submissions of prose, poetry, reviews of prose and poetry books. Stimulating Articles, Art Work, Photography, Cartoons, Recipes, and more. Examine the Green Dove web site and magazine, then write us with your ideas.
Green Dove maintains an archives for public reference. Green Dove expects to be credited and listed in authors list of publications. Send questions to

Visual artist are welcome to submit images of art having an appropriate theme. Please paste all images into the body of your e-mail. Submit images in gif, jpg or png format with a maximum of 300dpi. Images are not to exceed 80k in size. Include image titles, your name, e-mail address, street address and a url, if you have one.

Children must include the e-mail and street address of a sponsoring teacher or parent for verification following the guidelines presented above. Green Dove welcomes submissions from groups.

Green Dove is Also Looking For:
Reviews of books, movies, CD's and websites.
Job Opportunities with Green Dove are volunteer positions with a nonprofit organization.

Green Dove is currently seeking columnist for the Green Dove Magazine. We want writers interested in taking on a specific topic area for a six to 12 month period. These columns will appear as regular features in the web and print editions. Send us your topic ideas. Read our magazine to get an accurate idea of the types of articles we use.

Positions Open
Green Dove currently has four volunteer positions to fill. Develop your portfolio and contribute to peacemaking by working with Green Dove.
Peace Art Gallery Editor - someone to seek out artist of peace for exhibition in the Green Dove Galleries. You would write a feature peace for each issue. Select artist and images. Seek out new artist, help plan art contest. Gather related news, submission opportunities, art projects, publications and other resources for the peace art pages. Develop an annual contest
Childrens Art Gallery Editor - duties as above only geared toward developing a children's gallery
Poetry Editor - seek out poets of peace for the poetry gallery. Develop an annual contest

Green Dove non-profit is dedicated to being a presence for peace, offering connections to individuals, organizations, alternative news, resources and current events.

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This site and all of its contents are © 2001-2006 by Green Dove Network and all rights are reserved. All writing and artwork © by the artist. Some images on this site are curtesy of Clip Art Review and Planet Pals. All organizations and sites are responsible for thier own content.

Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one.
--John Lennon