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Ricey Oat Biscuits

I developed this variation of my Flaky Whole Wheat Biscuit Recipe when getting ready for a potluck celebration at a friend's home that does not use wheat flour. That evening I was making stuffed vegetable pockets (pot pies without the pot) by rolling out the dough, putting a variety of partially steamed or sautéed vegetables in the center of one half, then either folding over the dough or topping some of them with a mushroom sage gravy. The dough was folded over the edges sealed with a fork. I wasn't sure what the texture of the Ricey Oat Biscuits would be and realized that I was taking a chance serving something that was untried. The results were delicious. The rice oat pastry had a nice texture and a sweetness because of the grains used.

Ricey Oat No Wheat Biscuits


1 Cup brown rice flour
1 Cup oat flour (rolled oats ground in a blender works into a fine flour)
2½ Teaspoons baking powder (Rumford doesn't contain aluminum)
½ Teaspoon sea salt
¼ Cup canola or olive oil
¾ Cup water or soymilk

Combine dry ingredients in a bowl. Add the oil and cut in well using a pastry cutter or a fork. I usually work this in until the oil appears to be dispersed evenly thorough the flour. Pour in the water or soymilk. Use your pastry cutter to combine. If it looks too wet to knead, add a little more rice flour and combine. Knead the dough 20 times.

Sprinkle brown rice flour or oat flour onto the surface before rolling out your dough. I usually just divide the dough into by hand into eight biscuits, place them on a cookie sheet, pierce the tops with a fork, and then put them into the preheated oven. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes. These biscuits don't get golden brown like flour biscuits, so be careful not to over bake. If you're not sure if your biscuits are done, check the bottom of one. Look at the color, hold it in a towel, and tap the bottom. You should get a hollow sound.

Serve with your favorite topping or spread.

Patricia C. Coleman is editor of Beautiful Biscuits, a collection of local biscuit recipes from the Bloomington, Indiana area. It is scheduled to be revised with the addition of more unique and tasty biscuit recipes.

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