Drops that gather one by one finally become a sea.
"Zarreh zarreh jam garadad vangahi darya shavad".
A Persian Proverb

E'tokmit e'k, rangimarie, hedd, pace, tutquin, shanti, vrede, paquilisli, MNP, Onai rahu, amani, kev sib haum xeeb, salam, shaantiM, hedd, gutpela taim, lalyi, pesca, damai, raha, fred, eirni, pax, mir, peace, heiwa, amn, nabad, rauha,paz, frid, paco, shAnti, paqe, danh tu, ittimokla, rahu, paix, beke, shalom, mnonestotse, kapayapaan
Celebrating the Poetry of Peace

Rooma Mehra


And the mountains freeze
Waiting for love to happen
Garbage dumps, smoke, tree-wood corpses
Frozen inside a shivering teardrop

Red, chrome, pale, white
The sun shines over a mountain head
And the teardrop melts
Drop by drop by drop by drop

Waiting for love to happen..

But crystals of smoke from garbage
Burning under a tortured tree
Leafless, branchless, headless
Melt to rise in the white sunflame

Waiting for love to happen..

The stench of smoke from treeless hills
From the cremation of tree corpses
Rising to the ticking of the sun-clock
As not so faraway a battle rages

Waiting for love to happen..

Crystals of smoke from battle
Rising to the cries of torture
Headless, earless, eyeless, shackled
Warriors frozen inside a teardrop

Waiting for love to happen

Bodies on the roads
Bodies on the hills
Woodless cremations
Cremated wood

Mountains inside frozen teardrops
Tears frozen in dead eyes
Tumbling mountains and tears
Crushed white doves at sunrise

Waiting for Peace to happen
Piece by piece by piece by piece

Waiting for love to happen
Drop to drop by drop by drop




Green Dove presents "BrokenWings..", a collection of Poetry and Art by Rooma Mehra
After the War
For You
Songs of Silence
Towards Freedom

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We must allow ourselves the joy of loving through life more than we fear our living.
T.B. Stone

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--John Lennon