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Songs of Peace

Bush's Folly May 2004

Robert Safdie

D)We're all getting G) older
and we've D) seen it all be G)fore.
D) The failure of our Bm) leaders
And they've A) taken us to war

There's the G) waving of ol' A) glory
And D)the spreading of the Dm7) lies
The G)cover-ups that A) hide the truth
As G) men and women D) die.

But A)we're all getting D) wiser
And we've G) learned
A) from G) our D) mis A)takes
G) Its not the destina A)tion,
but the G) choices that we D) make.

Well they D)told us there was G)anthrax
Poison D) gas and dirty G) bombs.
But D)when they couldn't Bm)find them,
they A) sang a different song.

G)We're building a great A)nation
And the D)orders are to Dm7)send
G)More sons and daughters A)off to war
in a G) fight that has no D)end.

But A)we're all getting D) wiser...

They D) whisper words of G)rapture
Guiding D) policy and G) law
D)They hope to help the Bm) prophets
In the A) rising of the Fall.

G)There's swearing on the A) Bible
D)but it wasn't Christ who Dm7) said,
G)"Take the oil A) from their fields
and G) pour it on our D)heads."

But A)we're all getting D) wiser...

D) He's jumped into a G) flight suit,
For a D) hero's photo G) opt.
D)The tiny man with big Bm)schemes
Has A) risen to the top.

G)Well, the mission's not A)accomplished.
With D) a war that has no Dm7) peace;
G) But they knew before the A) first shot
G) who'd get the oil D) lease.

But A)we're all getting D) wiser..

(Epilogue: Sung Moderately and Conclusively (melody and meter may be
You G)fool me once, A) but not so twice
Or else D)the shame's on Dm7) me.
If G) its too hard to keep that A) straight
G) God help our liber D) ty.

Chorus (Finale)
But A)we're all getting D) wiser..


Bush's Folly ©Safdie

Robert Safdie is a college professor and doesn't profess to be a musician. In fact, his song was a result of (literally)a dream .



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Green Dove is dedicated to being a presence for peace, offering connections to individuals, organizations, resources and current events.

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