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Celebrating the Arts of Peace
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Peace Art

The Indianapolis based Spirit and Place Festival's mission is to create opportunities through the arts, humanities, and religion for the public to explore the relationship among community, creativity, environment, spirituality, and the fundamental moral and civic values that shape Central Indiana. Spirit & Place generates and strengthens cultural assets by stimulating collaboration, building community, and inviting action for the common good.
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Green Dove's Image and Words Galleries Submissions
Inside the Culture of Resistance
Conversations with Artists
Project Equinox features the poetry of 251 poets from 24 nations promoting world peace through poetry
Kid's Art for Peace Sake (KAPS) is a grass roots project, started in
the summer of 1998, by Life Coach, Janet Salvio-Littlejohn, to empower young people to be Leaders and Peacemakers with their "peaceful" artwork.
New Songs for Peace
Afterglow Poetry Zine funded by the Tasmanian Peace Trust. Poems to read and enjoy on the subject of peace.
Massage is an online art magazine specializing in cultural commentary and electronic arts
n.paradoxa - The only international feminist art journal exploring feminist theory and contemporary women's art practices published in two separate editions, online (quarterly) and in print (bi-annually).
Women Make Movies, a nonprofit media arts resource, distributor of films and videos including Womanhouse, by Johanna Demetrakis.
3 AM MAGAZINE, "From 'cutting edge short fiction' to political satire and music reviews, 3am is a dream publication for the young, literary and clued-up..." - The Times, London
The Poets Chair, The Poems of one man and his guests, plus paintings, critiques of the poets,
fabulous links and much else.
Interactive Peace Stories Created by 5 and 6th Graders for a Culture of Peace
International Journal of Humanities for Peace
Peace Blend - Stories of peace - Third Way Café - Mennonite Media

Bloomington Annual Peace Arts Events

What:The 6th Annual Juneteenth Celebration
Music, food, African and Afrocentric vendors, games and other activities will take place in honor of Juneteenth. Long celebrated among African Americans, Juneteenth observes the end of slavery in the United States, said to have occurred two months after the end of the Civil War, when word of the Confederate surrender finally reached the furthest corner of southern Texas.
Date: Saturday, June
Sponsors: African American Arts Institute, Alan Blankstein, Community and School Partnerships, IU Main Library, Ivy Tech State College, Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center, Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center Facilities Coordinator Office, Neal-Marshall, Black Culture Center Library, Office of Multicultural Affairs, Union Board.
Planning Committee members: Oyibo H. Afoaku,Deloice Holliday, Lorenzo Dilworth, Mrs. McCoy, Mary E. Tourner, Charles Syke, Debra Vance, Redgina Norris, Michael,, Bridavsky, Marsha Bradford, Parwana Noorzad, Mrs. Kante, Stephen A. Johnson, Juliet, Glen-Callender, Danyale Ellis.
For more information:

What: Lotus World Music Festival
Downtown Bloomington comes alive in September for five days of international music and art during the Lotus World Music and Arts Festival. The festival serves up something for everyone: Latin, African, Celtic, Middle Eastern, Asian, American "roots" music (including folk, blues, bluegrass, and Cajun), and a world of culturesin between. Since 1994, the festival has hosted more than 1,100 performers from 20 U.S. states and more than 50 countries in fulfilling the mission of the Lotus Education and Arts Foundation: to create opportunities to experience and celebrate the diversity of the world's cultures through music and the arts.
Date: September
Place: Downtown Bloomington Indiana
For more information:
What: Soul Food Picnic
The Bloomington Black Business and Professional Associates Inc. is hosting its annual Soul Food Picnic on Sept. It is looking for Monroe County people of all ages to sing, dance, act, play an instrument or read poetry during the event. The theme of this year's Soul Food Picnic is "diversity."
Date: Sept.
Place: Karst Farm Park
Sponsors: The Bloomington Black Business and Professional Associates Inc
For more information: Interested parties should call Sojourner Manns at 336-2916, or e-mail:
What: Festival Latino
The festival is a free outdoor concert and community gathering open to the general public and held every year in Indiana University's Dunn Meadow. Festival Latino features live Latin music, authentic food, cultural outreach activities, interactive booths, and much more! The festival is a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful summer weather with family and friends while celebrating the Latino culture in a setting that brings together Latinos and non-Latinos alike, from both the IU and Bloomington communities.
Date: September

NEW New Poets
NEW Peace Song
Spirit and Place Festival Indianapolis, IN
The Art for Peace Network is a non-profit corporation chartered in Newport, Rhode Island, for the purpose of providing scholarships to art students (high school and college) interested in using their art to promote peace and understanding between the world's nations, cultures, and races.
The Artist Network of Refuse and Resist
United Poets
The Nth Position
Global Association of Culture and Peace
World Peace Art
World Peace Initiatives focuses on promoting global peace through the collaborative, creative planning of large-scale outdoor artworks to be carried out subsequently at sites in five participating nations: China, Australia/Tasmania, Italy, Norway, and the United States (other countries are welcome to participate.)
The Art of Healing
A Prayer for World Peace
The Peace Museum is a non-profit cultural and educational institution located at 314 West Institute Place in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. It is the first and only museum in the United States dedicated to promoting the cause of peace. The Peace Museum is actively dedicated to exploring creative, nonviolent solutions to social issues through education, community involement, and exhibitions chronicaling local, national and international efforts to attain peace.
Celebrating Peace
is an online art gallery featuring all types of children's art. Peace themes will change periodically in order to keep the collection fresh and new.
Guerrilla Girls - the Conscience of the Art World
Mideast Web Organization Poetry of Peace
Jerusalem by Neomi Shihab Nye
Americans for the Arts
The National Endowment for the Arts
The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC
American Visionary Art Museum
Elysium Gates
Free animated peace clip art
Visions of Peace
Visions of Peace Conference - Art and literature to support a peaceful future
Hart Rock - Uplifting images and figures by Patricia C. Coleman and beautiful rocks to meditate upon.
Arts and Healing, The Arts And Healing Network
Transfigurations by Alex Grey
Earth Echo Art Gallery
Spirit Link Gallery
Poems, in Arabic, English and Hebrew by young people of all ages - especially about peace and reconciliation, especially if they are related to the Middle East. Poems by people from the Middle East
Arts in Medicine, AIM
Society for the Arts in Healthcare
International Arts Medicine Association, IAMA
Art as a Healing Force. How artist might focus their artistic energies to support peacemaking in the world.
Art Therapy on the Web
International Art Therapy Links
Australia art & medicine
Healing Passages - Humor
Healing Art
Art Lex - Art Dictionary for artists, collectors, students and educators in art production, criticism, history, aesthetics, and education

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Poets for Peace presents informal and formal poetry presentations in conjunction with Poets Against the War and other peace organizations.When we meet we share our own own or another's poetry, read from the Poets Against the War Anthology, Peace Poets at Green Dove and around the world, short poetic essays, tell stories or sing songs with themes of non-violence, tolerance, war, and peacemaking, or come just to listen. Discuss current peace related poetic events. All interested in peacemaking are welcome. Free. If you have questions about Poets for Peace or would like to make arrangements to be a featured reader, please contact Poets for Peace usually gathers the second Friday of every month.

By appointment, relaxation, distance, reflection, classes, inspiration.


We must allow ourselves the joy of loving through than fear our living -----T.B. Stone

Green Dove is dedicated to being a presence for peace, offering connections to individuals, organizations, resources and current events.


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Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one. --John Lennon