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Recipes include dishes prepared using locally available market, wildcrafted and store foods.

Cooked Rice Cereal, Rice Milk and Rice Milk Blueberry Smoothie

By Amy Eisenhour

Cooked Rice Cereal


Makes about 4 cups Cooked Rice Cereal

Water - 3 cups *Filtered or distilled)
Hot brown Rice Breakfast Cereal (Arrowhead Mills - Rice and Shine) - 1 cup
(a more widely available white rice option: Nabisco-Cream of Rice)
Salt - little
Almond or Grapeseed Oil - 1 Tablespoon

Boil water. Add rice cereal, oil, and salt. Stir continuously during cooking. It only takes approximately 2 minutes. You will have extra cooked rice cereal above what is needed for recipe below. Set aside for Rice Milk recipe. Keeps well in refrigerator.

Rice Milk

Makes 5 cups Rice Milk

Water - 4 cups (filtered or distilled)
Cooked Rice Cereal 1 cup
Lecithin 1 teaspoon (Solgar - Natural Soya)
Almond Soaks - 10 (for instructions go to
Vanilla extract - ¼ teaspoon

Put water, Cooked Rice Cereal, Lecithin, Almond Soaks, Vanilla Extract into blender and mix a few minutes until well blended. Wash hands. Position large bowl with pour spout under strainer. Put cheesecloth lying inside of fine strainer and pour milk through both at once. Squeeze liquid out of cheesecloth. Rinse out leftover almond rice bran. Repeat until all milk is strained. Pour through funnel into clean plastic gallon jug or jar. Depending on your mood you can stop her or repeat the recipe. This recipe time 4 makes about 1 ¼ gallons Rice Milk. Optional: add a little sweetener or cinnamon. I want to try Stevia. Chill in refrigerator. Drink and Enjoy.

Rice Milk Blueberry Smoothie

Makes one large 2 cup Smoothie

1 ½ cups Rice Milk
½ cup Frozen Blueberries
Ice cubes - 3
Carrot - few peeled strips
Celery - one small green leaf or plant from top

Blend Rice Milk, blueberries, Ice in blender. Garnish top with 7-10 stips of carrot randomly arranged with a small spring of celery leaf. View, Drink and Enjoy.

Amy Eisenhour is an Energy Practitioner working in Puerto Rico and Bloomington, IN


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