2001 - 2017


Garlic and Cheese Stuffed Whole Wheat Muffins
Locally Owned Breweries
Player's Pub
Runcible Spoon
Butler Winery
Flowing Colors Studio
Bloomington Brewing Company
1795 E. 10th St., 812-339-2256

Function Brewery
108 E Sixth Street, 812-676-1000

The Tap
101 N. College Avenue, 812-287-8579

Upland Brewing Pub
350 West 11th Street, 812-336-2337
-Quilter's Comfort Beer Jelly on menu
Chef Interview 2017

Upland Production Brewery and Tasting Room, 4060 Profile Pkwy, 812-336-2337

Upland Sour Brewery: The Wood Shop 350 W. 11th Street, 812-336-2337

Quaff on Bloomington
116 North Grant Street
(812) 335-1821
Cardinal Spirits
922 S. Morton St.
Bloomington, IN 47403
Phone: 812-202-6789

Martinsville - Wilbur Brewhaus
4130 Forest Lake Rd

Nashville - Big Woods Brewing Company, LLC
60 Molly's Ln, Nashville

450 North Brewery at Simmons Winery
8111 E. 450 North, 812-546-0091

Powerhouse Brewing Company – 322 4th Street, 812-375-8800

Powerhouse Brewing Company – 2735 N State Rd 9, 812-603-6055

Zwanzigz Pizza Craft Brewery – 1038 Lafayette Ave, 812-376-0200

Downstream Quilter's Comfort tea image - Patricia C. Coleman



Beth Mills
Antique Alley
Nashville, Indiana


Quilter's Comfort herbal teas, seasonings , craft beer jelly
Small batch blended herbal teas and L.A.O. Nightshade Free Seasonings
Available in Flowing Colors Studio, 112 North Walnut Ave., Suite #600 above Cavaet Emptor Booksellers.

Relax, Reconnect
Re-align, Renew & Support Wellbeing
of Body, Mind and Spirit

Vibrational Wellness Arts

Ichiyo One Leaf Dharma Arts and Supplies

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